Okinawa Kobori Denki Ltd.Okinawa Kobori Denki Ltd.

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As a service station for the Toshiba Electric control system, we have a variety of instrumentation devices and receiving equipment.

  • ■Plant instrumentation equipment including pressure transmitters
  • ■Water quality meters including residual chlorine meters
  • ■Receiving equipment including isolators
  • ■Monitor control systems including central monitor control systems

We have various industrial equipment from Nikkiso Co., Ltd.

  • ■Non-seal pumps
  • ■Sundyne pumps/Compressors
  • ■Milflo controlled volume metering pumps
  • ■Sampling equipment
  • ■Chemical dosing equipment
  • ■Circulating water leakage detectors
  • ■Automatic conflow (automatic compression device)
  • ■Unisamp (Thermostat), etc.

As an authorized dealer, we have Kaneka solar power modules.

  • ■Outer dimension: 1,240 mm × 1,008 mm
  • ■Nominal maximum power: U-NB115 (115W)
  • ■Type: Thin-film silicon hybrid solar cells
  • ■Surface color: Brown

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